There’s little doubt 2020 has not only been the most terrifying and emotional year for those in the states but the entire world. Whether two or ninety-two, this past year has left significant and long-lasting effects.

From Covid to politics, to the impact of George Floyd's death, to devastating fires and hurricanes that ravaged homes and lives, we are forever changed.

I'm asking for positive, uplifting experiences that happened to you or your family this past year that I can feature in my blog. It could be that you strengthened family ties, or maybe a picture of a family project you completed, or maybe you learned to use Zoom, stories of courage, and giving of ourselves to others in need, or maybe you or someone you know is a Covid survivor that led to changing your goals or their lives. What better way to begin a New Year than to come from strength, not fear?

In the midst of chaos one sentence; one relatable story has the potential to calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Below are a couple of positive things that happened to our family this year.

On March 4th of this year, Papa (my middle son and the uncle helping raise Lukas) was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. After two long and tedious operations to remove tumors, and nine months of aggressive chemotherapy, the cancer is now in remission. Talk about an uplifting moment of tears and thanks-giving, this is it!

Lukas, age four, was excited to start pre-school. Because Luke has kidney disease, and Papa Anthony and I have low immunity, I made the decision not to send him to school. Luke’s world suddenly became small. He became more and more frustrated with being cooped up which led to disruptive behavior. Through research, trial and error, I discovered a way to ease his anxiety. When I changed, so did Luke. Our days together have become calmer and the bond with family has grown stronger.

Below is a picture of our Lukas I captured yesterday as he tilted his head back, looked up, put his hands in prayer position and said, "God, please, please make the coronavirus go 'way." Today this photo and his prayer went viral via a Des Moines, Iowa reporter.

I decided to start bringing Lukas into the kitchen to help prep many of the meals and desserts. He was pumped and still is. I haven’t baked bread for years but had the experience to guide him through the steps. Luke helped knead the dough, punch it down, roll the goey mixture into a big ball, and then watch the ball of dough rise again. His eyes were like saucers during the process. He was so proud of the rolls he helped create.

On the other side of the spectrum, I grieve for friends and their family members who lost a battle to this deadly virus. I try to deal with the sadness through meditation, prayer, and the hope that the soon-to-be-introduced vaccine will be effective.

I hope you will participate in bringing in the New Year by sending your throughts and stories to: https://www.kimberlyshursen.com/about-the-author-contact by December 22nd. You can share one sentence or many and then choose if you want to remain anonymous. I so look forward to reading and sharing your experiences with others and will be in contact soon after I receive your message.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas/holiday season.

Let it begin with me is a saying I keep close to heart.

Blessings from my home to yours.


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