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"A blend of parapsychology terror, mystery, and thriller, the beginning will draw you in

but the end leaves you breathless."

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When Charlene (Charlie) and Clint Abbott hear blood curdling screams in the middle of the night they find their six-year-old daughter Mira (Miracle) unconscious with bruises on her neck and upper arms.

After paramedics arrive, and Mira whispers that her mother hurt her, the child is removed from the Abbott home and placed with foster parents.

Devastated; their once loving, peaceful life together destroyed, with Mira terrified of Charlie, when Mira's medical and psychological tests come back normal, Charlie contacts Winston Fry, III for help, feeling that whatever is happening is beyond her realm of understanding.

What Winston discovers, however, is a powerful, explainable force he's ever experienced in his 50-some years of being a renowned medium. And saving Mira will be the greatest challenge of his career.

After Charlie is given supervised visits, she begs Mira to tell the truth but the child appears terrified to be around her mother.

Clint is given a choice: He can either raise Mira as a single parent or Mira will be put up for adoption.

Their once close family torn apart, after Mira is given a clean bill of health, a devastated Charlie moves in with her parents, spending hours at the library searching for answers.

After stumbling across a parapsychology article, even though Charlie knows her husband would never approve what he refers to as nonsense, Charlie begs renowned medium Winston Fry, III for help. 


What the medium discovers, however, will make him question all he has ever learned about the afterlife.

…a unique concept that reminds me of something Lois Duncan would write.


…This book had me from the very beginning. I couldn't put it down


…Shursen is a master of thrillers


 …I read non-stop as I couldn't put it down.

...cannot wait to read this authors next book.


 ...All of this author's books are great reads, but this one is outstanding.