Kimberly Shursen was born in Red Oak, Iowa.the family home twenty minutes from the hospital. It was in the small community of Corning, Iowa where Kimberly's love for creating stories began at a very young age, many times finding herself sitting alone in the pine trees that bordered her house letting her imagination take her to places she'd never seen or heard of.

When Kimberly was twelve the family left deep-seated family roots behind and moved to Hastings, Nebraska where her father became an agent with State Farm Insurance. Although friends and memories were made, Corning would always be her 'home.'

Shursen attended Hastings College, graduation three and a half years later with a BA in education and a minor in biology. Three years later she married Dick Damrow, an advertising executive Kimberly met her freshmen year in college.

Two of Kimberly's sons were born in St. Joseph, Missouri with a third son making his way into the world after the family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

It was when her boys went down for their naps that Kimberly began writing a full-blown musical play that she had been creating in her mind for years. After her children were in bed for the night she would sit at the piano, turn on the tape recorder and compose the songs that played over and over in her head. Having no education in music theory the next five years were spent collaborating with those with experience in transposing the recorded songs into sheet music. 

Six-years later Kimberly invited potential investors to a backers audition at the Ordway Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota where she debuted five of the twenty-seven songs. Independent investors backed the play that opened four months later, the most significant investor JuJamCyn who own and operate five Broadway Theaters. 

In l991 after twenty years of marriage, Kimberly and Dick Damrow divorced. Her three sons now teenagers Kimberly went into the real estate business listing and selling homes in and around the Lake Minnetonka area where she resided. 

In l997 Kimberly married Robert Shursen, a VP at General Electric. Three years later her husband succumbed to cancer and, in 2001 Kimberly moved back to her home state of Iowa to be near family. After making her home in Des Moines she continued to write yet another musical. Two years later EDEN premiered in Pella, Iowa at the Pella Opera House.

When Kimberly became director of marketing for long-term care centers time was limited but Kimberly was driven to continue to write and began writing her first novel.

In December of 2019 Kimberly's eighth novel was published. Now retired Kimberly is working on the sequel to Miracle, the paranormal thriller inspired by the television series Stranger Things

Kimberly Shursen lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with her son Anthony and three-year-old grandson Lukas, as well as the family's Shitzu who answers to the name Lacy.