The perfect

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Ever hear of a "professional cuddler? "

Well, neither had I. But when I happened to come across an article about the business,  my brain started churning.

I'm thinking cuddler; Christmas; small town;  tongues wagging.  After some thought, I began to create a "THIS IS US" story.

​Here's the lowdown:

​In the small community of Peace, Oregon thirty-three-year-old Scott  Dempsey is about to enter a  "twilight zone." He'll do anything not to spend another holiday season pining over the past.

Nothing has been the same since his childhood sweetheart who became his wife left him for some guy on the net.  But Scott hasn't given up on them getting back together; not even after six years. 

Strange? Well, not for those who pledge forever and mean it.


However, when Scott decides to become a professional cuddler disguised as Santa he finds the side job a whole lot more complicated than the description.


​From laugh-out-loud scenarios to keep the Kleenex close circumstances,

you just might find yourself between the pages.