I write bold, hit-you-in-the-face could be ripped-out-of-the-headline stories.  

That's who I am. That's what I write. 

Six years ago I took a chance and began writing books I wanted to read.

Political thriller Itsy Bitsy Spider follows the journey of the step-daughter of a wealthy and powerful Boston mayor when she attempts to expose corruption

and dark family secrets.


In a race for their lives, Claire McCallin

and Boston Globe reporter Matt Christenson leave a

trail of murders behind.


P.S. I received a letter from the

Boston Mayor for this, 

my very first published book! : )


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The first question I'm usually asked at book signings is, "How do you come up with your ideas?"

Below I've attempted to answer the question.

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The idea for CONVICTION was conceived when six-year-old Lillie came to me in a dream. All I could see was her sweet, innocent  face and this is what she whispered, “Why does he want to hurt me?”

Lillie came to me twice and triggered nightmares of 9/11. I dreamt I was in the Trade Center when the first airplane flew through, and then another. I woke terrified, remembering how helpless I felt; the heat of the flames surging quickly my way, and then standing at a window deciding I’d rather die of a fall than be burned alive.

Dr. Vince Monahan is driven by the 11th Commandment in the Holy Writ; “Thou shalt not enter into covenant with those of a different nation.” But when those who break the commandment create offspring it is up to Vince to guarantee they will spend everlasting eternity in heaven, on the right side of God Almighty. Laws don't apply to the brilliant Monahan as his god will protect him.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be born into a family that hammered a religion into my head day and night. What if I believed I was given a gift from God? And if I didn’t use my gift I would be ostracized from those who’d nurtured and cared for me all of my life.

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I spent months researching before I wrote the first sentence of HUSH.

A few years ago I fell in love with a tall, handsome, quiet man who'd been adopted soon after birth. He told me he’d searched most of his life for his biological parents but to no avail. His adoptive parents tried to help him but all they knew was that he was born in New York City; his mother was a teenager when he was born and his father a much older, well-known physician. 

I remember thinking how selfish and unfair it was for one of this man’s parents to step up to the plate so their son would have an opportunity to not only meet them but any half-siblings.

And then I found videos of the pink and blue balloons released into the sky to commemorate the memory of children that were never born. I watched young and older women weep and hug each other who would forever wonder what their unborn child would have looked like; been like. Even though I felt their pain, I have no idea what it would be like to face an abortion decision. No one does unless they've been faced with that decision. 

And when I stumbled onto an article about mothers in the l950's who had given birth to babies with def

defects after being exposed to the measles virus. Alarmed that their unborn child might not have the quality of life opted for an abortion, thousands of expectant mothers opted for abortion. And when I read that these aborted fetuses were sold at a premium to pharmaceutical companies to create the serum used to inoculate children against the measles, the plot thickened.

Soon after HUSH came out I received emails from those who had fallen in love with who they knew was their soul mate and later discovering they were related. After finding they shared the same parent, or parents, their lives were turned upside down.

itsy resized_edited_edited_edited_edited

ITSY BITSY SPIDER was written well before the “me too” movement became headline news.

The story was inspired by the wealthy politicians who protect dark secrets; some revealed in time and yet many secrets are taken to the grave.

On the outside looking in Claire McCallin appears to have it all. She's beautiful, wealthy, lives in a mansion in a prominent neighborhood in Boston and many call her a spoiled, little rich girl.

In public, she wears the perfect dress to public events, down to matching heels, saying all the right things at the right time.  Yet behind closed doors, life is anything but perfect.

No one knows “the secret” Claire has been threatened never to tell, not even Claire’s mother, the beautiful French-born Adrianna.

But when Claire hears her three-year-old daughter singing the nursery rhyme song that has haunted Claire most of her life, her blood runs cold.

Leaving a trail of murders behind, Claire McCallin and rookie Boston Globe reporter Matt Christenson are in a race for their lives as they try to expose the most powerful man in Boston.

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The brainchild of the psychological thriller LOTTERY series is a combination of two of my favorite stories; THE THORN BIRDS and THE SHINING. Anyone who has read the books or watched the movies would say, “how in the world could two polar opposite scenarios be combined?

THE THORN BIRDS revolves around Meggie in her late teens and the priest she becomes obsessed with. And when Ralph de Bricassart, a young, capable, ambitious and handsome priest who gives in to the desires of the flesh has to make a decision to wither be with the beautiful Meggie or commit to the church.  When Father Ralph chooses to further his career in in the Catholic Church,  Meggie is left behind broken-hearted and pregnant with his child.

THE SHINING, as many of us know, is a terrifying story that left us shivering whenever we hear the words, “Jackie’s back." As Stephen King's Jack's mind is slowly devoured by a malicious mental illness Jack's wife and children pay dearly.

In LOTTERY, when Jack Weber and Caleb O'Toole agree to split the largest mega-lottery ticket in the history of the lottery and win only Caleb shows up to claim the multi-million dollar winnings.

Soon after Weber's body is discovered on his yacht in San Francisco Bay the voice-only Caleb can hear becomes that of  Jack Weber.

As the insidious and inherited mental illness passes from one generation to the next and the next, history repeats itself  when “the sins of the father are laid upon the son and the son's son."

From the streets of San Francisco to Shanghai, no one knows what Caleb will do next, not even himself.



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I've never been a huge fan of paranormal unless...they give me pause for thought.

The SIXTH SENSE left an impression and then along came STRANGER THINGS.  It isn't that STRANGER THINGS is as believable as it is so well written with addictive, down-to-earth characters.

My goal became to write a parapsychology thriller that would not MY socks off; marrying a medical phenomenon with a paranormal that readers might say, "Could this really happen?" 

Charlene and Clint Abbott live a quiet life on 360 acres of prime Iowa farmland. But their lives become complicated when  Charlie gives birth to conjoined twins the couple name Miracle (Mira) and Faith.

Tragedy hits when Faith doesn't survive and surgeons perform an emergency operation to save Mira. The plot takes a drastic turn of events when six-years after Mira is born she tells ​her mother that her new imaginary friend looks just like Mira. 

And when Mira's personality begins to change Charlie enlists the help of renowned psychic Winston Fry, III.

The jaw-dropping ending of MIRACLE continues in FAITH the next novel of the two-book series.